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Deschutes River Camps

From early August through the middle of October, we are camped out on Oregon's fabled Deschutes River chasing powerful, chrome summer steelhead with the swung fly. These are bright fish, fresh from the Pacific Ocean, ready to rip instantly into your backing. It is a trip that should be on every angler's bucket list.

We fish and camp on the lower 23 miles of the Deschutes River. We travel this remote section of the river in a jet boat. The jet boat provides access to premium fly water at dawn and last light and gives us unparalleled freedom of movement. Need to get back up river through a class three rapid to hit a productive run again? No problem. The jet boat means more time spent fishing great runs and less time spent traveling between pieces of perfect fly water. 

A day trip is a great way to fish the Deschutes if time is limited, but the ultimate steelhead adventure is a multiple day camp with Harris Anglers. We'll have the camp set up before your arrival. We'll meet at the river mouth and transport you upriver to the comfortable camp that will serve as our base for the duration of your trip. Meals are provided by a full time camp host and the camps are always situated on a great piece of home water. 

Hot afternoons and late nights are perfect times to relax and soak up the grandeur of the wild Deschutes River. The rest of the time we'll be on the water, covering miles of river, on the hunt for fresh summer steelhead.


The Deschutes River is an ideal place to swing a fly and our trips focus on spey rods to do this. We'll switch between dry line and sink tip applications depending on water conditions. Experienced anglers will love the classic runs, but beginners will be right at home after a casting lesson and some borrowed gear, too. Everyone is welcome on the Deschutes. Every year we help people catch their first steelhead on a spey rod during our Deschutes Camps.

Trip Pricing for 2024

Steelhead Camps:

Three Days, Two Nights: $2,150 per angler

Four Day, Three night: $2,720 per angler

Five Days, Four Nights: $3,150 per angler

(We can accommodate up to Four anglers in camp.)


Single Day Trip with the Jet boat:

One or Two Anglers: $750

($200 for additional anglers. We can host up to Four.)


Later in the Season, we'll shift towards fishing further upriver, closer to Maupin, Oregon. For those trips, a drift boat is the best way to travel the river.


Drift boat Single Day Trip:

One or Two Anglers: $700

($200 for additional anglers. We can host up to Three.)

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