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Welcome to Harris Anglers.


Based out of Sandy, Oregon, we guide fly fishing trips on my home waters: The Clackamas River and the Trask, Nestucca and Wilson Rivers on Oregon's North Coast. We also offer trout and steelhead trips on the Deschutes River.


We chase summer steelhead August through November and winter steelhead from November through April. In Spring the hatches start getting good on the Deschutes and we turn our attention to trout from late April into July. 


Between my home waters in Oregon and Alaska's Kenai River, I've been guiding fly fisherman for almost twenty years. I've been a fisherman my entire life.


Whether a beginner looking for their first steelhead or wanting to learn to cast a spey rod, or an experienced angler eager to see some of Oregon's classic rivers, I look forward to fishing together.  Over the years I have honed a patient and enthusiastic approach to guiding. My passion lies in helping my guests become better fly anglers and ensuring that they enjoy their time on the water.

-Todd Harris, Owner and Head Guide


Meet Harris Angler Guide Charlie Piette


I’m a full-time fly fishing guide native to Wisconsin.  Like many others from the land of beer and cheese, swinging flies for steelhead lead me to Oregon at a young age.  After years of chasing the ghost, in 2020 I had the opportunity to join Harris Anglers on the North Coast for  winter steelhead season.  The only logical solution was to pack my bags and drive across the frozen country in the middle of winter.  In spite of the obvious perils, I couldn’t have been happier!


I’ve been very fortunate to have made a living on the water most of my adult life, and through that experience, truly believe a steelhead trip on the coast is one of the ultimate  guided trips in freshwater.  The scenery is spectacular and the thrill of the hunt is almost palpable!  When the stars align and you hook up, you are attached to one of the most iconic fish of the Northwest……and guaranteed an exciting ride!  Whether you are a seasoned steelheader, or brand new to the sport, landing a winter fish mere hours from the saltwater is about as good as it gets.


As for what I bring to the table on a trip, the daily focus in my  boat is simple; effectively convey the technical aspects needed to be successful, but keep the atmosphere light.  I think the perfect day on the water is one where the anglers learn a lot, laugh a lot, and walk away saying, “Well, that was a blast”!   I pride myself in the ability to teach the finer details of the fishery while maintaining a jovial environment in the boat.  The end results tend to be very favorable.


I’m thrilled to be a part of the Harris Anglers team and look forward to seeing some of you on the coast this season!

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